Pavilions are structures that can be used in a variety of applications. You can create an outdoor dining room underneath this structure, or even design an amazing entertainment structure with comfortable furnishings and a beautiful fireplace to hang out with the people close to you. Pavilions have a fully enclosed roof with all sides open while being supported by posts that can also be customized to fit the theme of your backyard. We can help you to customize the right structure for your outdoor living space.

Pergolas – Oak Brook, IL

Pergolas provide an outdoor structure for your backyard that is unique and customizable. You can use it to include a variety of plants and flowers by utilizing the flat roof and open concept that it provides. The roof consists of horizontal wood planks that still provide openings so that you can enjoy looking up into the sky. Pergolas are a great anchor point for your backyard and can be used to enhance your outdoor kitchen and dining area. With all the options to use these structures, we can help you decide the right fit and style for your family that meshes well with your backyard.

Gazebos – Oak Brook, IL

Gazebos are great for providing a platform to entertain people in your backyard. Whether you use it to have a band perform or as a hang out spot with your friends and family, this structure provides the openness of an outdoor structure while having railings that create a sense of pseudo-privacy as well. Gazebos have a fully enclosed roof and are usually shaped round, hexagonal, or octagonal. This is a great option to design a unique structure that can be the focal point of your backyard living space.

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