Pavilions provide a great space to hang out with your friends and family. Building one in your back yard is sure to create a space where you can enjoy the time spent with the ones close to you. Whether you want a space to set up your outdoor dining room, or a place to relax by a fireplace watching your favorite movie or sports game outdoors, this structure can provide that for you. Pavilions have an enclosed roof to protect you from rain but still have all four sides open being supported by posts. This allows you to enjoy the breeze, no matter where it is coming from.

Pergolas – Hinsdale, IL

A pergola is unique in the fact that the roof is typically open and flat consisting of horizontal planks spanning the top. This structure makes it easy for you to customize with various plants and flowers to create a truly unique structure that will leave you feeling good. Not only are pergolas stylish, but also they can be used in a variety of applications. Some people use it for dining, while others use it to accentuate their hot tub space allowing them to relax while enjoying the stars in the night sky.

Gazebos – Hinsdale, IL

Gazebos can be a beautiful addition to your backyard. These structures are typically built with a fully enclosed roof that creates a cone like roof that can create some unique shapes. Gazebos can be round, hexagonal, or octagonal and are usually built with railings to give you a somewhat enclosed feeling while still being a very open structure. You can spend a romantic evening with your significant other or just use it as a hangout spot for spending time with your family. However you decide to use a gazebo, we can help you design the right structure to fit your backyard needs.

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