A pavilion in your backyard can provide you with a nice space to kick back and spend time with your closest friends and family. This structure has an enclosed roof with all the sides open, being supported by posts that be customized however you would like. You can create a style that fits the overall theme of your backyard while creating a functional space to enjoy. Pavilions provide protection from rain and are great for dining or as an entertainment space. We can help customize the perfect structure to fit your needs.

Pergolas – Glen Ellyn, IL

Another great structure option for your backyard is a pergola. This open structure also has a flat roof that provides some shade while still having an open concept to allow you to enjoy the nights by watching the stars. This functional area can be used in multiple applications such as a dining area or a place to put your hot tub. Pergolas also work well with gardens and walkways, and can be customized to fit your style and space allocations.

Gazebos – Glen Ellyn, IL

A gazebo can help create a backyard that is aesthetically pleasing for you and everyone you share your outdoor living space with. These structures allow for a romantic evening in a somewhat private space that is conducive to a relaxing environment. Gazebos are typically shaped round, hexagonal, or octagonal with open sides all around. Most of the sides usually have some sort of railing or seating area with one side typically being completely open and can have steps so that you can create an elevated platform to hang out in.

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