Building a pavilion in your backyard can provide you with the benefit of having a nice space to entertain or enjoy with your friends and family. A pavilion has an enclosed roof with all sides open being supported by posts. Underneath the pavilion structure, you can create your ideal backyard space for your needs. Whether you want to create a place to dine outdoors while being protected from the rain, or a space where you can sit in front of a fireplace and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows outdoors, we can help design your ideal outdoor living space. Each pavilion can be customized to not only the size of your backyard but also what you want to accomplish by having this structure in your backyard.

Pergolas – Elmhurst, IL

Imagine sitting in your hot tub on a beautiful starry night and being able to have a beautiful structure surrounding you while being able to look up at the stars and enjoy the night. This is what a pergola can provide for you. This structure is open on all stars with an open style roof that is flat. The open roof has planks of wood going across the top, allowing some protection from the sun and shade, but also allowing you to look straight up into the sky when the need arises. These are great anchor points for your backyard and can be customized to fit your ideal backyard area.

Gazebos – Elmhurst, IL

We can help you to design a custom gazebo for your backyard living space. Gazebos provide an excellent space to enjoy the outdoors giving you the benefit of enjoying the outdoor air while still being somewhat enclosed to give you a sense of privacy. Typically, these structures can be round, hexagonal, or octagonal with most sides being open. There are railings on most sides to provide an appealing look that still makes that space feel like it’s own. The roof is fully enclosed, which can also be customized to give you a unique look on top of this structure.

JR’s Creative Landscaping can provide you with high-quality customized work that will fit all of your pavilion needs in Elmhurst, IL and other Chicago suburbs. We specialize in all kinds of landscaping projects including pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions. Call us today for more information at (630)-978-7300.