Enjoy your backyard by adding a beautiful pavilion structure to help enhance your backyard. Pavilions can offer a great space to put an outdoor dining area or potentially create a nice outdoor living area furnished with comfortable outdoor furniture and possibly even a beautiful fireplace to create an environment that is conducive to enjoying your backyard with your friends and family. Pavilions are structures that are built similar to a house with a fully enclosed roof. The sides are fully open with posts on the perimeter to support and anchor the pavilion to the ground.

Pergolas – Downers Grove, IL

A pergola structure is great for gardens and walkway, but can also be used as an anchor point for your backyard as well. With an open and flat roof structure that can help provide shade while still letting some sunlight in, it can give you the ideal space to relax in. A popular use for pergolas is to put over your hot tub for a romantic and relaxing evening staring up at the stars. There are a variety of other uses for the pergola and some of the intricate designs can help you to create the perfect structure in your backyard. We specialize in helping you customize your ideal backyard structure to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Gazebos – Downers Grove, IL

Whether you want a stage in your backyard for performing, or just a beautiful structure to spend romantic evenings with your significant other, gazebos make a perfect structure to help fulfill those desires. Gazebos are typically a round, hexagonal, or octagonal shape and the sides are protected with railings and seating areas. Spending time in your backyard gazebo also feels like a private space because of the combination of an open area that still has some enclosure to it, where you feel like there is some privacy in that space. We can help you create a custom structure to help fit your backyard.

JR’s Creative Landscaping can provide you with high-quality customized work that will fit all of your pavilion needs in Downers Grove, IL and other Chicago suburbs. We specialize in all kinds of landscaping projects including pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions. Call us today for more information at (630)-978-7300.