Enhance your backyard with a beautiful pavilion structure. Pavilions have a fully enclosed roof usually built with a peak, as you would see with houses. The sides of the structure are completely open, except for the posts that are holding the pavilion up. This creates a great space to protect from rain and how you use this space has plenty of options. If you’re looking for a structure to have an outdoor dining area in or just an area that you can use to hang out around the fire and maybe even watch some TV outdoors, pavilions can help to create your ideal space.

Pergolas – Darien, IL

A pergola is a nice structure that is open on all sides and a roof that is flat and open. Typically you’ll see wooden planks span the roof, allowing for some shade but still open so you can start up into the sky on those beautiful star-lit nights. Pergolas make a great anchor point for your backyard and can be used to add beauty and flair to your outdoor living space. With so many different options to consider, a pergola could be the right structure for you.

Gazebos – Darien, IL

Gazebos provide a nice structure that is not only appealing but also very functional. Typically they are rounded, hexagonal, or octagonal with a fully enclosed roof. Sometimes the roof has some styling to it that helps enhance the beauty of your backyard. Each side of the pergola typically has railings and even seating areas, except for one side, which usually has steps leading up to the main platform. This could create an excellent environment for a romantic setting or possibly a stage to have someone perform in your backyard.

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