If you’re looking for a nice space in your backyard to hang out with friends and family, consider building a Pavilion for your entertaining needs. Pavilions are structures that have a full roof and are open on all sides of the structure. This type of area can provide shade as well as provide a good amount of protection from rain. You can use the space inside the pavilion to set up an entertainment area that may include a fireplace or televisions and patio furniture. Another option is to use the space as an outdoor dining area. Whatever you decide to use the space for, we are experts in designing the right type of structure that fits your needs.

Pergolas – Burr Ridge, IL

Pergolas are similar to pavilions, except that they don’t have a full roof covering the space underneath. The roof part of pergolas is typically flat and open with wood planks spanning the top, allowing for sunlight to get through. Pergolas are good for walkways and provide some shade, but will not protect you in the rain because of the open roof concept. Pergolas tend to anchor your outdoor space, which makes them great to put over an outdoor kitchen, or perhaps a hot tub, allowing you to still relax and check out the stars at night.

Gazebos – Burr Ridge, IL

Another great option for your backyard is a gazebo. Gazebos are typically round, hexagonal, or octagonal. They also have a fully enclosed roof, to protect you from the rain. The sides are typically open, but most sides will have railings or seating to enhance the usability of the gazebo. This is a great structure to just relax and enjoy your backyard. Whether you want to hang out with your significant other and enjoy a romantic environment, or talk about life with close friends, we can help you create a great structure that you will love and enjoy spending time in.

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