With all the options available for your Hinsdale, IL backyard, the key is to consult a professional that can help you utilize your space while giving you a backyard that you can be proud of. Depending on what you’re looking to do in your backyard, we can help customize the ideal space for you to entertain or just relax with the people that mean the most to you. An outdoor kitchen is one popular option that can provide an excellent option to entertain as well as create your favorite foods on the grill for your family. Another popular option for your outdoor living space are fireplaces and fire pits. Both provide a great space to spend time with loved ones.

Outdoor Kitchen – Hinsdale, IL

One thing to think about when designing your outdoor kitchen is how often you entertain and how big of a cooking space you want in a built-in grill. Do you want an option included that allows for a griddle to cook your eggs and pancakes on those beautiful mornings outside? How much counter space are you looking for, and can your space accommodate that? Outdoor kitchens can include a wide variety of structures, but you want to have the basics in order to build the right structure for you. Keep in mind of things such as Hinsdale weather and how you will be able to protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits – Hinsdale, IL

Fireplaces are good for areas where there is a lot of space, but can reduce the amount of people available to sit around it if you build an extravagant structure that only has heat coming from one side. Fire pits work well when entertaining a lot of people because of the flexibility to have people sit all around the pit and still get adequate heat from the fire source. Keeping space and functionality in mind and consulting with a professional will go a long way in designing the right fire features for your backyard. Having a place to spend with family and friends is essential to the perfect backyard layout. Fireplaces and fire pits provide a great addition that fits those needs.

JR’s Creative Landscaping can provide you with high-quality customized work that will fit all of your outdoor living needs in the Hinsdale, IL. We specialize in all kinds of landscaping projects including outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pits. Call us today for more information at (630)-978-7300.