Your backyard is a place where you can spend with friends and family in order to enjoy life and the fruits of your labor. A pavilion provides a great structure to help enhance this aspect of your life by providing you with a space to entertain. Whether you want to set up an outdoor dining space or a place where you can sit outside around a fireplace watching your favorite movies on your television outdoors, pavilions can provide that while protecting you from rain with a fully enclosed roof. The sides are typically open, allowing you to get a nice breeze from wherever it comes and is supported by posts that can be customized to give you the look that you desire.

Pergolas – Wheaton, IL

A pergola is a unique structure that provides an open style format with all sides, including the roof, being open. The roof is usually flat and consists of horizontal wood planks that span it. This allows for protection from shade, but also allows light and air to get in. As an added bonus, pergolas are great for enjoying the star-filled nights that you encounter. Another cool option for pergolas is to spark some creativity by making it easy to include a variety of plants and flowers that will surely enhance your backyard incorporating it within the pergola structure.

Gazebos – Wheaton, IL

For those romantic days spent with your significant other, or a place to talk about the important things in life with your close friends, a gazebo provides a great option for your backyard. This structure is typically shaped round, hexagonal, or octagonal with a fully enclosed roof. On the outside of the structure is usually railings and/or seating to provide an open, but somewhat private space to enjoy.

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