Knowing your desired outcome and purpose for the outdoor living area, combined with designing the right plan to accomplish it, can attain your ideal outdoor lighting solution. One thing to consider when developing a plan is whether you want LED lighting or halogen lighting. Safety and security are other reasons for outdoor lighting solutions. You may just want to enhance certain features such as a statue, fountain, or other landscaping feature. Whatever purpose you have, consulting a professional to help you throughout the process is highly recommended.

Landscape Lighting – Hinsdale, IL

Landscape lighting is a great way to take your outdoor living space up a notch and truly enhance the greatest features. Whether you want a romantic outdoor feel or you just want to highlight certain areas of your home, both can be accomplished with ease and perfection. This is also a great way to create a safer environment around your home so that people aren’t tripping over things that they can’t see.

LED Lighting Gallery – Hinsdale, IL

There are many reasons that people choose LED lighting over halogen lighting. . One of the biggest reasons is the energy efficiency of LEDs. They are a lot more efficient and have a lower installation cost compared to halogen lighting. The reason for the lower installation cost is that LED lighting uses smaller transformers and cables. Over 15 years, LEDs have up to a 50% savings over halogens. The downsides of LEDs is the initial cost which can be up to $40 a bulb compared to $5 a bulb for halogens. Despite the initial cost of the light bulbs, over time, the LED option is cheaper because the LED bulb lasts about 20 years where a halogen needs to be replaced approximately every two years.

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